The Ultimate Lucid Dream Yoga Supplement

     Galantamine is a natural supplement that can greatly increase your chances of having lucid dreams. It is by far the most effective lucid dreaming supplement out there. Other supplements can enhance galantamine. But, by themselves, they do not usually lead to lucid dreams. When taking galantamine, many dreamers often experience very astounding and vivid, brilliant dreams, even if they do not have lucid dreams. However, for good success, you do need to use it in the correct way.

                                                  Lucid Dreaming Supplements Guide
                                                          How to Have a Lucid Dream


     The material provided is for educational purposes only. Any information or recommendations are not intended as medical advice and should be verified through your own personal research. You are solely responsible for your use of these supplements and for researching and taking into consideration any possible contraindications and interactions between such substances and other substances, such as, but not limited to medications and alcohol. Do not use with alcohol. If you take any medications consult with your physician.

     Galantamine is a natural supplement that if used correctly can greatly enhance and increase the chances of lucid dreaming. No other lucid dreaming pill is known to have near the potential. In the year 2000, Dr. Stephen LaBerge, discovered the use of galantamine for lucid dreaming when he became aware of its use as a pharmaceutical (Reminyl) to help correct the memory loss of Alzheimer patients. This substance works by indirectly raising the levels of acetylcholine, the main neurotransmitter responsible for memory, by breaking down the enzyme, acetylcholinesterase, which breaks down acetylcholine.

     Galantamine sold as a supplement can be purchased over the counter for much cheaper than its pharmaceutical counterpart. In the US, it has been grandfathered for over-the-counter consumption, due to the fact that it has been in use as an herbal supplement for memory enhancement since at least the early '60s. Galantamine's use as a memory enhancer originates as far back as 3200 years ago, when it was supposedly used by the Greek hero, Odysseus, as an extract from snowdrop, to counteract the goddess Circe's mind-altering drugs.

     Since I was first introduced to the use of galantamine for lucid dreaming, I have taken it on and off for about 15 years. I was already a very frequent lucid dreamer. On the nights of taking galantamine, I discovered lucid dreaming was usually effortless for at least 1-2 REM periods. I frequently am able to take galantamine at the beginning of the night and 90 minutes later go into a WILD from full consciousness. I write this so that you understand just how effective the use of galantamine can be for lucid dreaming. But do not let me mislead you. Having a mindset for lucid dreaming is very, very important when using galantamine as an aid for inducing lucid dreams. Due to years of lucid dreaming practice, this mindset comes naturally to me.

                                     When and How Often Should You Take Galantamine?

     It is best to take galantamine between 3-5 hours after bedtime, when you naturally wake up after having some good deep sleep. Otherwise, you will need to set an alarm clock. I do not recommend taking galantamine at the beginning of the night unless you do not mind the possible experience of lying awake for a couple of hours before falling asleep. Also, most lucid dreamers, including very experienced ones, do not attain lucidity so early in the night, even with the aid of galantamine. I suggest starting out with one 8mg cap. However, if you are extra sensitive to substances, you might consider starting out with a 2-4mg dosage.

     Galantamine has a half-life of approximately 7 hours. So the effect mostly wears off during the night, and allows you to take it up to a couple of times a week without losing its effectiveness for lucid dreaming. It is recommended that, at most, you take galantamine once every 3 nights, as the body will adjust its production of acetylcholine downward in response to raised levels. For this reason, the effect on lucid dreaming will be significantly reduced if you take it too often. My personal recommendation is that you start out taking galantamine no more than once a week until you acclimate to its effects.Buy Galantamine 

                                 Mindset Is Very Important for Lucid Dreaming Success

     Again I emphasize, when taking galantamine it is very important to have a mindset for lucid dreaming. Galantamine will greatly increase your chances of lucid dreaming if you are already practicing the things necessary for having a lucid dream, such as recalling at least one dream per night, practicing MILD (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming), and using the napping technique.

                                                           Possible Side Effects

     Without the proper mindset, galantamine may only give you very vivid dreams, or even nightmares. At first, I recommend taking galantamine only on nights in which you do not need to work the next day, until you are familiar with how it affects you. Except for stomach upset, which in most cases can be easily remedied, it usually does not cause most people any significant problems. However, there are a small percentage of people who react so strongly to galantamine that a normal dose can be close to an overdose. These people often have high sensitivities to other substances. I strongly recommend checking out the possible side effects. If you are uncertain of your tolerance, start with a low dosage such as 2-4mg, or less.

                                                Counteract Potential Stomach Upset

     Galantamine is well known to cause nausea due to raised acetylcholine levels. When taking galantamine, it is highly recommended that you eat a small amount of cheese, or nuts, to counteract any possible stomach effects. It is also recommended that you take a couple of caps of ginger root which is excellent in countering any stomach upset in combination with the aforementioned foods.

                                Melatonin Complements and Enhances Galantamine Dreams

     On the nights that you take galantamine, it is highly recommend that you take at least 3mg of melatonin 15-30 minutes before bedtime. I often take 15-20mg. This will aid you in getting deep sleep and will help to counter the wakefulness effect of galantamine. Your first time around, you should probably stick with 10mg or less until you are familiar with the effects of this concoction.Buy Galantamine 

                                                  Paralysis and Other Odd Sensations

     As for the experience of taking galantamine, WILDs (Waking Initiated Lucid Dreams) as well as DILDs (Dream Initiated Lucid Dreams) are common. If you have never experienced a WILD you would do well to read up on it. They can be a really wild ride, especially galantamine induced ones. In the extreme (not the usual occurrence for most dreamers), you may find that while falling back to sleep your body is suddenly paralyzed and you cannot move, weird creatures are holding you down and sitting on you, you are being zapped by electricity, or are experiencing major vibrations, etc. If you misunderstand what is happening, this can be pretty freaky. What is happening is that you have just entered REM sleep with a high-degree of awareness.

     You may still feel your physical body to some extent, but are actually dreaming all this other 'nonsense'. So if this ever happens to you, do not mistake it for reality. But conclude you are dreaming, and get up into the dream disconnecting your dream body from the feeling of your paralyzed physical body, and continue on into a lucid dream.

                                               Countering the Feeling of Paralysis

     Rolling over in your dream body and onto the dream floor is one of the better ways to disconnect from the feeling of paralysis. Not to worry, your real body will remain paralyzed in bed. If you cannot manage to roll over, imagine yourself standing up and you may find yourself suddenly standing straight up in the dream. If you still cannot move your dream body, imagine floating above your bed or to where you want to go.

                                               Paralysis Is the Result of REM Atonia

     When we enter REM sleep our body is automatically paralyzed (REM atonia), or we would find ourselves acting out our dreams in the physical world causing peril both to others and ourselves. This paralysis is a very natural occurrence. Though, usually we are not conscious of it. So when we become fully conscious of sleep paralysis, it can be a little frightening. But in actuality, we have been through this thousands of times before, even as a baby. And we survived it every time. It is only that we usually are not aware enough to have any memory of it.

                                                  Dealing with Fearful Experiences

     It is my opinion, based both on personal experience and other's accounts, that when a dreamer enters REM sleep consciously in what is termed 'sleep paralysis', that the 'fear center' is often activated. So if you start to become fearful remind yourself, that it is only a dream, and enjoy the ride.

     I have gone into a bit of detail, as I want lucid dreamers to be psychologically prepared for what might occur. Do not expect that any of this will happen to you. The point is to be aware of what you could experience, but usually will not.

     One thing to always remember during lucid dreaming is that nothing can hurt you, neither the dream scene, nor your dream characters, nor your dream thoughts and emotions, even if the dream is going totally crazy. It may seem like it can hurt you because it looks and feels like waking life. But the fact is, it's just a dream. Believe me, I have had thousands of lucid dreams and have never once been physically injured, not to mention the thousands upon thousands of non-lucid dreams that we have all experienced. It doesn't matter if you get your dream armed hacked off, or if the dream you is run over by a dream Mack truck. It's only a dream. It's all about how you choose to perceive it. You can choose to be calm or to freak out. Why freak out when no physical harm can come to you?

     Unmanageable fear is the result of an incomplete realization that you cannot be hurt in a dream. Galantamine can lead to very powerful experiences, but it can just as well be terrifying if you do not understand what is going on. If you realize that your fear center has been activated, then it is a lot easier to detach from the experience and watch the fear, rather than being undone by it: 'Oh! My fear center has just been activated. Yeah, well I know it's only a dream and I can't be hurt.' As a side benefit, in dreams, we can learn a lot about our reaction to fear during our waking lives.

Excerpt from Lucid Dreaming Supplements Guide, Copyright © 2011-2016 GalantamineDreams, Nathen Lockhart, An  Adventurous Oneironaut.

     Though somewhat controversial, and disputed among many in the Exploration of Consciousness Community, I have, at times, used natural supplements to assist, and help during periods of prolonged inactivity. Some may argue that our bodies do this for a reason, and that "artificially" inducing expanded states of consciousness with natural supplements is not recommended. I tend to disagree, as many ancient cultures around the world have used natural plant medicines to induce transcendental states of consciousness for thousands of years, and have found diverse benefits from using them. Some of these benefits include curing various addictions, depression, and assisting in opening doors of perception that some people need as an initial push, to get them in the right direction. There are certain factors in our world that have stripped away our natural, inherent abilities to connect with, and explore our multidimensional nature. Fluoride, toxins in our foods, EMF, (Electromagnetic Fields), oversaturation of programmed television, and countless other ways in which our bodies have been, (without our knowing), altered to keep us in our small box of perception within the greater reality. A lot of these factors were beyond our control before having "Waken up".

     Having said this, there are many dietary factors that can assist in helping to expand our consciousness, as ALL foods, chemicals, and things we put in, and on our bodies can, and do alter our consciousness. I would advise against heavy, binge drinking, or drinking at all. Some can drink in moderation, but I've found that anything in excess can hinder our ability to correctly perceive the greater reality. Caffeine, some may argue affects us in a negative way. I have found this to not be entirely true. What works for some may not work for others. Fasting on water, (non-fluoridated), can really assist in building the Auric Field, and helps to allow Life Force Energy to be easily taken into the body, and is also good for detoxing. As with any dietary change, take into consideration, your current health, and any medical conditions you may have before doing any of these dietary changes.

     Eating a light diet with fruits, and vegetables with plenty of water, and a good substitute for protein can be very beneficial as well. Eating large meals before an attempted projection may force the body to divert too much energy into the digestion of food to allow certain energies to run properly.

     Here are some good, natural supplements that I've found can greatly increase your chances in facilitating a state of transcendence - Galantamine with Choline, African Dream Root, (Silene Capenis), Vitamin B-6,  B Complex. There are many more. A quick Google search for Lucid Dreaming Supplements should provide you with a starting point. I have had great success with Galantamine mixed with Choline, African Dream Root, and Vitamin B-6. Do your due diligence, and research. I have no education in Nutrition, nor am I an MD, so use precautions when taking supplements. Here is a link to a great article/short book on Lucid Dreaming Supplements. Galantamine, by far, has been for me, the best natural supplement thus far, with African Dream Root coming in a close 2nd place. A Combination of the two may produce a 2-fold effect - a night of prolonged Lucid Dreams, and/or Out of Body Experiences. The African Dream Root produces prolonged REM periods, or at least a better recall of dreams, and the Galantamine/Choline provides the lucidity.

     Again, as with Binaural Beats, supplements should not be used as a crutch, but more of a last ditch effort to get you over that block that some people just can't seem to pass. Some may argue if you're not ready to expand your conscious mind, then it should not be so, but as I've said, every human alive should KNOW they are more than their physical body, and due to certain factors beyond our control, these inherent abilities have been stripped away from us. I have seen many people just give up after years and years of trying, when all it may have taken was ONE profound experience that will change their life forever, and propel them towards their journey for truth. This is how the human species is going to survive - by changing its consciousness, and expanding our perception. All of the technology, legislation, laws, statutes, and diet changes in the world are not going to do one thing to uplift the human condition until the consciousness from which we operate is changed. A paradigm shift is required. If you're interested in finding out more about this process of a global awakening, I'd suggest doing some research on "Procession of the Equinox, and Conscious Evolution". There is a great change that is about to take place, and it could go in one of two directions - complete devolution of the human species, or an ascension into the next level of consciousness. The choice is  up to us, as we create our reality on an individual AND collective level. Change must come from within each one of us, then propagate outwards.  

Click on the image below to order Galantamine.  A suggestion - for every 4mg of Galantamine, take 500mg of Choline, (most Nutrition Stores carry Choline).

     For a more, in-depth explanation of Galantamine, and how it works to help assist in Lucid Dreaming, and Expanded States of Consiousness, I have provided a description from a friend of mine who practices Dream Yoga.  He and I differ a bit about what he and I perceive to be Out Of Body Experiences, and Lucid Dreams. When I have used Galantamine, I perceive leaving my body, (the actual phase, separation process). Some may find it simply allows you to become Lucid within a dream, but from there, an Out Of Body Experience can be facilitated with the correct intent. Lucid Dreaming, OOBE, AP, and so on, in my opinion, are explorations in consciousness, and are expanded states of awareness. There's much to learned from it, no matter what it's labelled..


     Whether or not you choose to use supplements is up to you. As sovereign beings, I've always held the position that we should be free to put in our body, or exclude what ever we wish. We all have free will. As I've stated before, I would only use these supplements if you find none of the methods, and/or techniques have worked for you. At the end of the day, it is your choice, as we are all given free will to make our own decisions.

Good Luck

In La Kesh