There are, seemingly, an infinite amount of motions you can imagine, or feel to move awareness into you Light Body. The best time to do this is right before going to bed, or after falling back asleep during any type of sleep interruption method. After practicing this technique for a few days, you will most likely find a VERY interesting thing happening. You will be on the cusp of losing consciousness, and falling into sleep, and you’ll catch an arm, a hand, a leg, a finger, or sometimes your head, trying to sneak out without you knowing. It’s a jarring sensation that will most likely cause you to drag your analytical, left brain into it, and raise your head, and ask, “What was that?, did I really just do that?”. I have found when doing, exclusively, the arm raising exercise that I will wake to the sensation of my arms, flying quickly, up into the air, but after having woken up, the blankets had not moved. This is why I highly encourage gradual incorporation of the whole body, slither, or Jumping Jack method, as it will move consciousness into the entirety of the Light Body instead of just a limb, or two.

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1. If you’re a back sleeper, imagine raising your arms in the air. FEEL it, as though you were actually doing it, or, you can start small by feeling your hands flip up in the air.

2. Imagine using your legs as a broom, as you’re sweeping the floor with them, or try simulating a scissors motion by crisscrossing your legs.

3. Try a full body motion like Jumping Jacks.

4. If you’re a side sleeper, my favorite is a slither motion. Imagine you’re a sidewinder snake, slithering across the desert floor.

5. Roller Coaster ride, or up and down motion.

6. The worm. If you were a teenager in the 80’s, then you were surely aware of this breakdance move.

     Having established the fact that there are light waves, and frequencies that we are normally not able to perceive with our eyes, and ears, we can now begin to IMAGINE that this subtle energy, which is in and of itself, by its very definition, SUBTLE, and can be easily drawn in, created, activated, energized, amplified, and shaped, using a strong, conscious intent, as it is malleable, and easily manipulated by consciousness.

     Regardless if we’re aware, or not, our consciousness, whether a single point of awareness, or incorporated into a light body, tunes or phases from the physical body every time we go to sleep. After having done the energy work via Tactile Imaging, breathe work, or imagination, we want to make sure as much of your awareness is incorporated into that Light Body as possible. Imagination, again, is key here. As you’re lying in bed, before going to sleep, or during meditation, what you’re going to want to do is IMAGINE, or recreate, as best you can, the ACTUAL feeling of moving a body part. A finger, a hand, an arm, a leg, or your whole body. Imagine raising your arms into the air. REALLY feel as though you’re doing it, but do not actually move its physical counterpart. What we’re doing is moving your awareness into the Energetic Body. You can do any simulation you want, but here are some of my favorites.

     I actually stumbled upon this state, inadvertently, by staying up until 4am, watching the T.V. Show Lost. I could not pull myself away from watching, so I’d nod off, then wake, then nod off, and wake. I’d do this for hours, and days on end. What I didn’t know at the time was, I was training my mind to balance on the borderline sleep state. The primary reason for wanting to keep your mind as alert as possible, while your body goes to sleep is because some very interesting things happen every night as we go to sleep. You want to become aware of these things on a conscious level. A little trick I learned along the way, is to set your alarm clock to go off after your first 1.75 hours of sleep, then every 1.5 hours thereafter. Usually, our first 2 hours is much needed, deep Delta sleep, but as the night goes on, we require less, and less Delta, and gradually move into longer phases of REM sleep, or light, dream sleep. We want to try, and catch the mind as it’s transitioning either into, or out of a phase state. We want to find that in-between, trance-like state. If you have a Smart Phone, you should be able to set multiple alarms to go off throughout the night. As you shut off your alarm, go back to sleep, but try to keep you mind focused on one thing, and one thing only. Again, try counting breathes, or visualizing. Every now and then you might get lucky, and catch a glimpse of Hypnagogic imagery, (pre-sleep imagery), or Hypnopompic Imagery, (post-waking imagery). As your night progresses, your chances of catching full waking, conscious imagery behind closed eyes will increase, as your REM periods are increasing.

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      Conscious Sleep Paralysis is a GREAT state to strive for. It’s not easy from a fully conscious state, but some can do it. If you fall asleep, and wake, just go back to counting breathes, or focusing on that ONE THING you’re supposed to be doing. Counting breaths is one of many ways to keep your mind detached from the physical, five senses. You could also use a Mantra - a seemingly insignificant, repeating phrase, or series of sounds, and/or words. Choose what works best for you. A Mantra that ends in anything with "" is best, as it creates a vibration within the physical body, and/or brain. Vibrations, as you will come to learn, are also an integral part of the expansion, and progression of expanding your conscious awareness. Below, is a gem video. Rich is a seasoned traveler, and has been known to use colorful language, but he knows his stuff. It is a great video I've found that really helps to explain the MABA State. Also, Binaural Beats are a great tool to use for deep, trance meditation. You can find them on YouTube, or make your own, (A link to a binaural program below for PC, and a VERY versatile Mobile App). 4HZ seems to be the standard. Although I've heard a more precise frequency is 3.875HZ. I've noticed ANYTHING that can keep your mind awake while letting your body fall asleep will work. I've had success with a diverse amount of frequencies, but for starters, 4HZ should be tried, as it is the threshold of high Delta, low Theta sleep.

     Everybody has a light body, and this light body phases, or more specifically, consciousness phases from the physical body every night. It does this with or without your conscious awareness. Having a light body as a vehicle for consciousness is not an absolute necessity, but it’s my preferred method, and how I like to teach because it’s fun, and works for most people. Most people are not good visualizers, and need a tangible, REAL thing with which to work. An energy body is simply made, imagined, created, or shaped by using intent to manipulate subtle energy. That’s it. Plain and simple. Conscious intent is what manifests thoughts into actual physical existence. For anything to manifest in the physical plane, it must first exist as a thought, and thoughts, emotions, and feelings are just as much energy as any other invisible light wave, or frequency that exists beyond our physical senses. Below is an example of the entirety of the light wave frequency spectrum.

     As you can see, the miniscule fraction of visible light that our eyes can perceive is exponentially small compared to the entire range. To illustrate the magnitude, or lack thereof with which the human senses can perceive the range within the spectrum, imagine a scale of 1 through 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 and only being able to perceive a range of 1000. That’s a rough estimation of how limited our sense of sight is. For as many wavelengths of light there are, there are as many potential dimensions, or reality systems that exist in and outside our visible light spectrum.



     Some people, before having any sort of expansion of consciousness will report a feeling of something, or someone, sitting on the edge of their bed, or perceiving the blankets being pulled off their legs. I postulate what’s actually happening is our Light Body leg, or arm will begin to move up, and through the blankets. The act of perceiving a part of you, moving UP, creates a DOWNWARD sensation as it moves through the blankets. It’s also entirely possible that you may have a helper, sitting at your bedside, but don’t let that bother you. You must not let fear creep into ANY part of your experiences. Fear, in and of itself, could be an entirely different topic of conversation, but for most reading this, I will assume that you’ve already known about the fear vs love polarity, and that sometimes fear tests must, sometimes, be passed before being allowed to explore these thought responsive environments.

     There is a very successful, and trending technique known as “The Phase” that incorporates an almost identical method to this.  This is a method that has a good track record, but I would advise using the subsequent methods outlined in this document before trying another technique. This is a life journey that takes time, and you don’t want to turn your attempts into a convoluted mixture of many methods until you’ve had a few good projections under your belt. After you’ve had some success, feel free to incorporate ANY combination of methods, and techniques you find will work. We’re just trying to get our toes wet for now.

     It’s a GOOD book, but the thumb exercise, and mind/body awareness it encompasses, is what you’re going to do with your entire body. You can do this energy work any time of the day, (during meditation, during work, during bedtime, or a dedicated time for exclusive energy work). Do NOT overdo it though. This energy is REAL, and TANGIBLE. If you let it build too strong, and don’t ground, or release this energy from time to time, it will grow out of control, and become somewhat painful at night, as I’ve felt the strength of it before, and was not disciplined enough to know to limit myself. Your Central Nervous System is going to need down times, and rest periods to adjust to this new level of energy. The picture below represents ONE interpretation of many models of the Light Body structure. These are not concrete, as it is the vibration of the consciousness that determines what energy system we are phased into.

     When you train yourself to keep your mind awake while you’re body goes to sleep, you’ll start to notice some very interesting things that have happened all your life, while sleeping, but were never conscious of. Each and every night, when our minds think our body has gone to sleep, it will disconnect, or phase from the physical body. Conscious Sleep Paralysis is the quintessential, full-on mind awake/body asleep state, but can produce some strange visualizations. When you are in SP, your consciousness has phased from your physical body, and is now incorporated into one of many, or more, subtle energy bodies. The next step, after learning how to remain alert while the body is asleep, is building a strong energetic body. Everyone has an Aura. Some are weak, and some are strong. You want a strong, vibrant, energized structure of subtle energy bodies. The stronger the energy body, the more of your 5 senses you’ll be able to perceive when your consciousness is phased into it. Most people’s energetic bodies will phase slightly out from the physical – anywhere from a few inches, to a distant, or intertwined, parallel universe while sleeping.

     There are also breathing exercises one can use to pull in, and build this energetic body. This is accomplished by simply learning how to automatically breathe “clean” and “Refreshing”, new energy in through the nose, and exhaling “old, stale” energy through the mouth. There are many Yogic, breathing techniques you can research to build this energy known as many things, (Chi, Prana, Etheric Energy, Life Force Energy, and Zero Point Field Energy). It’s all the same thing. I have found when waking in the trance state, either in the middle of the night, or late morning, that starting this breathing exercise while remaining calm, can REALLY help to facilitate an expansion, and subsequent detachment of the Light Body. The first few times you wake to some of these sensations, you’re going to inevitably get excited, and overzealous. You eventually have to reach a point where this is a calm, relaxing, natural process that becomes an automatic thing when you wake in the trance, or physical catalepsy state.

     There is a book, by Robert Bruce called Astral Dynamics. In it, he has 2-3 chapters on energy work, and tactile imaging. Tactile Imagining is an alternative method to visualization he invented because he had some blind students he wanted to teach to project. No need to go through all of the minor, and major Chakra Energy Center work. There is a thumb exercise that will convince you, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this energy is real, and that you can use your will power, and mind to draw it into your body, move it around, build it, strengthen it, and move conscious awareness into it, (step 3). Here is the link to the book. Start on page 47, and work your way down to the Thumb Exercise. This mind/body awareness method is what you’re going to use to pull energy in, and build your Aura, or as Robert Monroe called it, (REBAL, Resonant Energy Balloon). After completing the thumb exercise, feel free to read as much, or as little of the book as you wish.

     "MABA", (Mind Awake, Body Asleep). Also known as "Focus 10", and sometimes Physical Catalepsy, or Sleep Paralysis, (debatable), is an integral part to the expansion of consciousness. Learning how to maintain awareness on the borderline sleep state via meditation for 20-60 minutes daily can, and does many things. First, it helps reduce the amount of Deep, Delta sleep needed at night, and allows the mind to spend more time in REM at night. In addition to that, it allows us to disconnect our awareness from the physical, five senses. When meditating, focus on ONE thing, and one thing only. A favorite of mine is to simply count breathes. In breath =1, out breath = 2, and repeat. Don’t worry if you lose track. You’ll be lucky to make it to ten your first few tries. Over time, you’ll get better at counting higher. What you are trying to do is LOSE TRACK of all physical senses. If you are a good visualizer, then try to create a scene, or an object you can focus on. Remember, you’re trying to move your awareness AWAY from anything that has to do with the physical, 5 senses. Also, try and minimalize ANY body movement. If you feel an itch, it’s your mind’s way of testing to see if your body has gone to sleep, so it can phase from the physical environment.